This course is meant to work with different kinds of alignment programs and tree construction software.
There is a lot of available software out there, free and paid, but also web portals to do the job.

Web portals, however, are often limited to the size of the data to prevent users uploading gigabytes of data.
Your computer, depending on the physics like cpu, available RAM etc. makes it possible to handle large data sets.

PhyloMain v6.3, that is available via this website, is using freely available software to do the job.

Much more software on this topic is available on the internet and this website.

Software package for PhyloMain

If you already downloaded the package (with external software) then use the next download for the PhyloMain program:

The new PhyloMain package, version 6.4, also contains 'Muscle5' software and a menu at the top:

This version is not yet thoroughly tested. It is advised to use PhyloMain v6.3. Create a folder .e.g. D:\\PhyloMain. Move the zip file into this folder and unzip the file here. A folder PhyloMain is created that contains the starting program and the subfolders Examples, Manual and Progs.
Move the subfolder Progs to C:\\Users\\Public (in Dutch: C:\\Gebruikers\\Openbaar).

In D:\\PhyloMain start the program by double-clicking PhyloMain.exe.

When everything is correct, you will see this window appearing on your monitor.


PhyloMain start