Conversion program

To facilitate an easy conversion from DnaSP file to PopArt file, the next Visual Basic program can be installed:

Unzip the file. A new directory will be created (DnaSP-PopART). Open this directory and start the program 'DnaSp-PopArt.exe'.

This window will be shown as the startup screen:

 Snap donderdag 5 juli 2018 002

'Number of traits:' adjust to the number of traits to be added to PopART (e.g. 3). This can not be changed after 'Enter Data' has been clicked. The program has to be restarted to apply another number of traits.
Click 'Enter Data' to open the DnaSP file and save the PopART file (nexus format).

Snap donderdag 5 juli 2018 003Snap donderdag 5 juli 2018 004

After this the labels for the 'traits' are given.

Snap donderdag 5 juli 2018 005

Per haplotype the frequencies of the named traits are filled in. If the total number of frequencies deviates from the values in the DnaSP file a warning will be shown. The total filled-in frequencies is shown next to the real frequency in pink color. Later this has to be changed in the created popart-file; it is not possible to change it here. All the frequencies of a haplotype is now shown in a table on the screen.

Snap donderdag 5 juli 2018 006Snap donderdag 5 juli 2018 007

The popart-file can be opened with a text editor, like notepad.exe and some errors can be corrrected here and saved.

Snap donderdag 5 juli 2018 009

Snap donderdag 5 juli 2018 010







 With the values filled in, it produces this 'Trait' block